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What Earrings Are Best for Thick Earlobes?


Before we share our practical tips for the best earrings for thick earlobes, we’ll start by saying that you need to be more confident in your skin, and your earlobes are perfect as they are.

As much as we'd like to believe that our body is always our own, there are times when we've had to put our thoughts aside and listen to the experts who work in a particular field.

Embracing yourself is the best thing you could do for yourself. It opens up your world to possibilities and helps you to curate solutions that work for you. Acceptance is what allows you to curate solutions that work for you.

When you have thick earlobes, most earrings won’t fit properly, making them uncomfortable or irritating to wear. However, a simple trick to help avoid these problems is to use ear wires. They come in various shapes, colors and sizes.

Earrings should look good, fit comfortably, and stay in place. Thick earlobes can make finding the right earring a pain, but with a little planning and effort, you can make it a non-issue.


1. Chain Earrings 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil on Sterling Silver of Trendolla



If you're looking for a pair of earrings with a stud design that doesn't hurt your earlobes, or you'd prefer butterfly screw backs, then these are your best bet! They feel gentle and comfortable, and the earrings can be adjusted to fit snugly and without any pain.

Essentially, the flat surface of the other types of earbuds that come in contact with your ear increases the ear’s level of sensitivity. The butterfly backs counteract this flaw and prevent discomfort.


2. Spiral Earrings 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil on Sterling Silver of Trendolla



If you have at least 2 holes in each ear, then you're in luck! These flexible, drop-chain earrings look great with thick ears, and they'll add some sparkle to your face too. It's a style that's more casual and laid-back than other options available, so go ahead and get a pair while they're hot!


3.  Horns Earrings 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil on Sterling Silver of Trendolla


You should start wearing the drop hook earrings with thick earlobes. These earrings have been used for thousands of years by different cultures across the globe. The earrings are particularly good for anyone who has thick ear lobes, as they help create a strong and unique look.

These earrings are designed to provide a subtle and elegant statement for you to wear, no matter what you’re wearing. Since they’re made of fine quality materials and work with different looks, they won’t hurt your ears and they won’t leave you with a tight or uncomfortable feeling.

The historical aspects of these earrings make them extra unique and the perfect, comfortable option for the ears, especially if they are thicker.


4. Crocodile Earrings 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil on Sterling Silver of Trendolla


The other earrings type that you could try out if you have thick earlobes would be the post-free hoop earrings, the ear cuffs, as well as the post-and-clip earrings. These are ideal options for persons with thick earlobes, with the post-free hoop earrings being the best option as they have a hidden overall design.

The elastic, adjustable, double-sided jewelry pendant necklace is comfortable and fits most of us. If you've had an ear piercing in the past you can still wear these. It's a great gift for anyone who needs a bit of bling.

Traditional earrings use an earwax post for closure. However, the earwax can be difficult to find, and even when found it can be hard to get out. A variation of this traditional method is the post-and-clip earrings.


5. Rectangle Earrings Cubic Zirconia Diamond 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil on Sterling Silver of Trendolla



Clip-on earrings are a good choice if you like fashion but prefer not to have a hole in your ears. There are different types available such as clip-on, wing-clips, ball-clips, and more that offer a wide range of styles and designs.

The magnetic earrings with no posts will also be a good option for you if you have thick earlobes.



6. Delicate Earrings Artificial Crysal & Cubic Zirconia Diamond 18ct White Gold Plated Vermeil on Sterling Silver of Trendolla



The best earrings to wear with thick earlobes are the French hoops, threaders, kidney hooks, and leverback earrings. The leverback earrings have a fixed hook and a hinged back that prevents irritation and keeps them in place.



If you have thick earlobes, you need to carefully choose your earrings. They should be comfortable enough to wear and attractive enough to complement your facial features.

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