Nate Rollins was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Perhaps something in the air there has to lead to his lifestyle of both relentlessly traveling and learning. Various experiences of his would give Gulliver himself a run for his money. From his multilingual studies at Brigham Young University, sleeping homeless on the streets of Hong Kong, growing a permaculture farm in Bali, videography for a dispensary farm in California, living wild in the jungles of Costa Rica, acting in movies, and skydiving through wildfire smoke, the list continues to grow. Shock, awe, and excitement fill the room when hearing of his life.

We met in a small beach city called Zhuhai in southern China. Nate has scarcely been here a month before he executed his plan of forming a group of rogue and young computer programmers. He has to lead them in further honing their code skills and his own. It has come to the point of testing their soon-to-be-released blockchain integrated technology. Who is Nate?

From learning to ski at the age of 4 and soon after switching to snowboard, extreme sports continue to dominate his endeavors. His all-time favorites are skydiving, skateboarding, snowboarding, free diving, and surfing. Now 28 he still participates and wins in many local street skateboarding competitions. Age is just a number and Nate seems to have many plans set for each one of his solar rotations. Who is Nate Rollins?

Nathaniel told us that he never really dreamed of traveling. In fact, he never even thought about it or considered it to be of interest. But after his 2-year Spanish-speaking mission to Alabama for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, he returned home fluent in Spanish and with a strong desire to know English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Arabic. Currently, his fluency includes English, Spanish, and Mandarin. But his drive to learn these many languages has lead to also briefly learning others like Indonesian and Korean. Even still this doesn't touch on the other computer languages he uses like Javascript, Elixir, Solidity, and Python!! Who is Nathaniel Rollins?

Since learning to free dive with his fiance Tess, the two of them have gained a strong fascination and obsession with coral. They have now even developed their start-up Coral Boards to raise awareness and work with reef preservation and restoration around the world. All in strong efforts to educate the public of a possible future without the stony animal. The whole project is slowly coming to fruition and is already getting the skateboarding world involved. Who is Nathaniel David Rollins?