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Jewel Cocktail, a customizable fashion jewelry collection from Russia, is here to help you to create your own individual style in fashion. A unique, exclusive style for everyone. You can change your style in just one second everywhere around the world. Use special magnetic patented technology that combines art with fashion and bring out your own edgy and modern style. Choosing from a great variety of inserts you can easily create a statement piece or seamless addition to your daily look. Jewel Cocktail items can be a status symbol, a memorable gift or a signature of your style. Jewel Cocktail jewelry lets your personality shine, show your best and unique self. Jewel Cocktail creates exclusive jewelry for everyone.

We are committed to inspire everyone to express their individuality. Create a unique piece of jewelry with your own arrangement and choice. Let your creative power out, express yourself. Let yourself be free from the pressure of society, family, public opinion and be truly unique and independent.


Stones of different colours combined into one set represent the beauty of each season of the year. They bring together colorful patterns and memories of all good things that happened.

Red coral is a symbol of energy and ambition , symbolizes hot summer and brings good luck to people.

Mixed colored stone like colorful spring symbolizes different mood and helps to express your attitude.

The black-patterned blue turquoise symbolizes cold winter. In the cold winter, your mood is calm, and composed.

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The color theme of this collection is inspired by the ever changing colors of the sky. The sky that shines and awakens your imagination.

Black shell is a thin layered sandwich of calcium carbonate. The polished black shell will have pearl luster and different color halos under different light source angles. Sea shells represents summertime joy. Instantly you are taken back to happy moments holidaying with loved ones, hours spent on the beach, holding a shell up to our ears to hear the sea or trying to find the shiniest one to take home and keep forever.

Howlite is a beautiful white stone with grey veins running through it that represents the spiritual qualities of stillness, tenderness, and open-mindedness.

Goldstone, beautifully constructed form of glass, represents the power and fire of ingenuity. While not coming naturally from the ground, Goldstone has a wonderfully magical history and spiritual meaning. It has the beautiful shimmering finish of the stone. Flecks of glimmer underneath its shiny exterior make a truly stunning appearance.

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The stones in this collection shine like a sunny day or as a darkest night. Like the opposites that attract, it’s quiet and yet elegant.

Synthetic opals are man-made opals that have the same chemical composition, internal structure, physical properties, and appearance as natural opals. Synthetic opal is a beautiful material and you will appreciate its wonderful play-of-color.

White shell, also known as mother-of-pearl, is thin layers of calcium carbonate. The polished white shell will have pearl luster and different scolor halos under different light source angles. Natural stone. Sea shells represents summertime joy. Instantly you are taken back to happy moments holidaying with loved ones, hours spent on the beach, holding a shell up to our ears to hear the sea or trying to find the shiniest one to take home and keep forever.

Jasper is a natural mineral that can form a variety of colors and natural patterns. Each stone is a pattern that cannot be replicated, with a warm texture and excellent touch. Jasper is also widely held to be a very nurturing stone, bringing comfort and reassurance to the wearer as well as feelings of optimism and freedom

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Change your style in just one second.

One base +changing inserts

Inserts in Jewel Cocktail can be swapped between different pieces of jewelry: bracelets, ring, pendants, earrings in womens collection or bracelets and cufflinks in mens collection. The base of our jewelry is made of silver S925 and 18k gold. Here we present our silver collection. Set your imagination free with a huge range of inserts. Choose from natural stones, silver, wood, gilding and other unique materials to create your own one-of-a-kind jewelry. Silver collection includes two craftmanship styles: brushed silver and black plated silver. Each product already goes in a combination of 3 different inserts. You also can add more inserts depending on your liking. Make your own unique collection.

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Why Customers Wear Jewel Cocktail ?

How do I fall in love with  Jewel cocktail?

I accidentally saw their accessories online I think it’s quite distinctive Buy a basic accessory, such as necklace, bracelet, earrings Contains three matching stones You can change the matching stone at any time according to your own preferences Equivalent to a necklace You can change...

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why I chose jewel cocktail?

I chose Jewel Cocktail from Russia.
It's really a low-key and luxurious jewelry in my eyes.
The overall temperament or style can be controlled at will there are endless possibilities for your beauty.
Choose a basic accessory.
Then choose some inlaid accessories you like.
I chose white agate and cyan jade as the main colors, advanced atmosphere Magnet replacement is convenient and quick Match your own styles every day Simple and generous, full of sense of quality....

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It is all about INSPIRATION

I will share a piece of niche art jewelry from Russia Jewel Cocktail bracelet.
Not only is it all-match and more interesting is that it can change stones It means that everyone can be who they want to be....

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Mosina Nina