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Should I Wear Gold Or Silver in 2022?

Should I Wear Gold Or Silver in 2022?


What are your preferences in the jewelry world? You may like the color or style of jewelry, the type of stone, or even the size. These factors all play a part in the way we view jewelry. If you are unsure if you should wear gold or silver jewelry, then read this article to learn what is the best precious metal for your skin tone and lifestyle.

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are endless options when it comes to the variety of gold and silver jewelry available on the market today. You'll also be limited by your complexion, what you're wearing, and the color of your eyes. For the most part, belonging to the gold or warmer tones camp or the cooler silver side is dependent on your skin tone, the makeup you have on, the outfit you have on, and your skin tone.



How do you know if silver or gold looks better on you?

If you are looking for something to put on, and you have a sense of style, there are some good choices for your jewelry wardrobe. One thing to keep in mind is that the most popular metals are gold and silver. Both of these metals look amazing against dark skin tones, while people with light or white skin will find that gold looks best on them. Rose gold, however, works well for a variety of skin colors.

But don't just focus on how a piece of jewelry looks in pictures. You need to consider where the piece will go. It's always best to find something that matches everything else you own and not just a single item.



1. Skin Tone

This is the oldest and most enduring piece of advice offered to anyone unsure of whether they look good in gold or silver. It’s true. The color of your skin does affect the look of gold or silver jewelry. Cooler skin tones often look good in silver jewelry and warmer skin tones look good in gold jewelry.

Because of the way makeup companies make us believe our faces are a canvas, we need to understand the way we should use it. When you can see what the effect looks like on different skin tones, it helps you better understand how to adjust the colors to get the best result.

How then do you figure out if you are warm or cool-toned if you aren’t crazy about makeup? Here is a simple guide – check your veins in the wrist. Do your veins appear blue or more green than blue? If they are blue, you have a cool skin tone and are warm-toned if they look green.

One of the most important aspects of determining your skin tone is its ability to tan. It's actually not the color of your skin but your skin's melanin content that decides whether you will burn or tan. The darker your skin, the faster it will tan and the more you will burn.

Anyone whose skin gets burned faster than it tans is cool-toned, while individuals who get a tan easily are warm-toned.


2. How to Determine Your Skin Tone If You are Dark-Skinned?

The good news is that it isn’t as complicated as you may have thought, and you can still determine your skin undertone easily by creating a color contrast then seeing the colors that pop out. You could, for example, stand next to a white background then look at yourself in the mirror.

Look out for the skin colors that look more apparent against the white background. If you notice redder and some warmer browns, you are generally warm-toned or have warm undertones.

Cool undertones are characterized by pale colors that have a tendency to get lost in darker tones. If you see more of gray, then yours is a cool undertone.

If this doesn’t work, you could also use your clothes to ascertain your skin undertones. Basically, determine what clothes you look great in. If you look great in cool reds and blues, your skin undertone is cool; but if you look great in bold reds, can rock oranges, as well as earth greens, then your skin undertone is warm.

Having determined what your skin undertone is, you can now choose the jewelry that matches your skin tone well. Wear yellow gold and rose gold jewelry for the warmer undertone and platinum, sterling silver, or white gold for a cool undertone.


3. Your Skin Color

The other thing that would guide your choice of jewelry, whether gold or silver, is the color of your skin. While skin color is a factor, it’s not the only factor. Skin color can vary considerably and will have an effect on your skin tone.

To match your skin color, therefore, you'd have to factor in your skin tone and skin color. But for the most part, your skin tone is what plays a big role in the color of the jewelry you wear. Cool-toned people should stick to silver and cool tones of gold while warm-toned people would want to look at more colorful gems.

When it comes to buying jewelry, some types of metals, like silver and gold, can become quite overpowering on darker complexions. This isn't always a bad thing, but it might make sense to consider your own skin tone when selecting an understated piece that won't take over the room.

Alternatively, you can use a lighter shade of polish on your nails, such as pink. If you have fair skin, it's always wise to stay away from the darker shades of gold and silver.

Your skin tone is just as important as the color of your eyes. You should choose gold jewelry that works well with your skin tone and eye color. It will look good on your skin and it won't make you look too washed out!

So if your skin is a bit pale, then you should stick to silver jewelry.


4. Makeup

Just as your hair and skin tone affects the way you look at your jewelry, your makeup has a significant effect on the way your jewelry will look. Make sure you use complementary colors in your jewelry – you don't want your red lipstick to overpower your ruby red earrings.

While choosing accessories is a very personal thing, there are a few basics to keep in mind when deciding on which items to wear.

If you want to look cool, ice-cold for your beauty look, get those cool colors on your makeup, but keep it classy with a silver necklace and earrings. It's like a subtle, elegant touch to any look!


5. Outfit Styling

Your outfit and style of outfit will affect the kind of jewelry you wear. For example, if you are going for a Bohemian or preppy style, then throw in some gold for your jewelry. On the other hand, if you want to go for an Old Hollywood look, throw in some white gold or platinum. If you are wearing a long, beautifully patterned Kaftan, then get some big, bold gold hoops and a gold cuff.

To make a great makeup application, you need a good understanding of your client. Understand what they like and don't like. Then work with that to create a perfect application. And when you're done, you need to make sure it's not too perfect so that it can be undone easily.

Silver is a great choice for your jewelry on the occasions where you are wearing formal attire. It will allow your diamond and crystal jewelry to shine brilliantly at any time of day.

You can dress up any outfit with just a few jewelry items, from necklaces to earrings. Use them to complement your existing wardrobe.



Is Gold or Silver in Style 2022?

Both gold and silver are a great choices for your next jewelry piece. If you’re looking for something a little more elegant, then a gold necklace is perfect. It will highlight your facial features and will make sure your outfit is highlighted as well.

If you have been searching for the perfect silver and gold, and you are in the neutral tone category, then why not opt for both gold and silver? While they both look great on you, it comes down to personal preference.


March 08, 2022 — Erica Zheng
I Want to Get My Ears Pierced-What Should I Know? | Trendolla Jewelry

I Want to Get My Ears Pierced-What Should I Know?

I Want to Get My Ears Pierced-What Should I Know?


If you are new to piercing, there is no better place to start than with ear piercings. The good news is that ear piercings have become safer thanks to innovations in earplugs and safety products. The bad news is that ear piercings have also become far more popular than they were a few years ago.

A growing number of people are choosing to have their ears pierced in order to make a fashion statement, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you're thinking about going through with it.



1. Choose the location

Piercing your ears has become a rite of passage for some, and even a form of celebration that's open to family and friends. This means that some people prefer to get the procedure done with the eyes of those around them. Others find this a private affair done at the piercing shop, doctor's office, or beauty salon.

Getting piercings done has never been simpler. There are a number of places to go to have piercings done. These include tattoo shops, piercing jewelry retailers, and piercing studios. Many of these establishments also offer other services as well, such as getting tattoos done or piercing jewelry.


2. Understand the type of equipment used

When getting your ears pierced, sterility and safety come first. Various machines can be used to perform ear-piercing. However, it’s still important to ask about the type of machine used, as different types may require different precautions in order to ensure your ears are pierced safely.

The most popular equipment used to collect data includes:

  • Spring-loaded ear-piercing guns that shoot the earring through the ear lobe.

  • ‘Cannulas’ or hollow needles, commonly used in body piercing parlors. It involves removing some flesh to make the ear piercing

  • Hand-pressured piercing equipment, like the Inverness system. It consists of using a fully-encapsulated and sterile piercing earring to create a gentle, accurate, and quiet piercing.


3. Choose the correct earrings

Choosing the right earrings for you is one of the most exciting parts of getting your ears pierced. It can be difficult to know which piercing to choose as there are so many different types out there. However, the amount of time it takes for a piercing to heal varies depending on the type of piercing and the ear.

The first thing you should consider when purchasing earrings is to find earrings that match your ear size and then look for the earrings with an adjustment mechanism that allows you to see the sharp end of the earring at all times.

For those who prefer Inverness systems, their patented Inverness Safety Backpackers About Us We are a small friendly family-run hostel in the heart of Inverness. We are in a great location with easy access to everything. Our rooms are well kept, clean and have all modern facilities. We have free internet, laundry, a games room, and a lounge area where you can relax after a day out. We are on the main bus route into Inverness and also the train station.

shields the tip of the piercing earring from debris such as dirt, hair, and lint while providing free airflow for healing. This is perfect for those who prefer clean, easy ear piercing.

You should also check that the piercing stud you choose is a hypoallergenic metal that conforms to the highest standards of nickel content. This means that it will not cause any allergic reaction when pierced.

It can be hard to find non-toxic, easy-to-wear jewelry, especially for those with nickel allergies. The medical-grade titanium options have been shown to be one of the safest metals for everyday use.


4. Ensure you are dealing with a professionally trained and experienced piercer

Piercing is not for the faint of heart! It’s easy for the inexperienced to make mistakes and end up with an ear-piercing that hurts and looks bad. So, what do you need to look out for? A qualified piercer can advise you on everything from piercing your child, to what type of jewelry you should use. And if your child is having it done, they can tell you how to prepare for the event.


5. Healing and cleaning

Ear piercing is a simple way to change up your look but you also need to make sure you take good care of the area afterward. Always clean the piercing spot with an aftercare solution every day. Rotate your piercing stud at least three times each day. And don't forget to check for problems if they arise.

Make sure to wash your hands before touching the piercing and clean it to avoid infections.



Does getting an ear piercing hurt?

The amount of pain that comes from a piercing can vary. It all depends on how hard you push your ear. If you're pushing really hard, you'll feel a lot of pain and probably need numbing ointment or ice.

The good news is that ear piercings are one of the least painful piercings you can get on your body. They're also fun and look great. However, piercing the hole in your ear is an invasive operation that usually causes minor to moderate pain.

You can find a quick and effective way to alleviate the initial pain of piercing your ears by applying warm compresses to the ear canal right before the procedure. A compress can help to reduce swelling in the area and reduce the initial discomfort. Afterward, applying warm compresses can help with the pain that can come afterward.

In the context of the medical field, a firm pinch on your ear lobe is a small incision made by the doctor to let them access the ear. The pain afterward is actually a throbbing one, although it is quite dull.

It lasts for a few hours and is very tolerable. It is not the best feeling ever, but one can get easily distracted from it after a while. Once the pain disappears, you will be pain-free to enjoy your piercing for the rest of your life.


Pierced ear infections

Ear piercings don't have to be painful at all! With care and a bit of practice, you can get a piercing that will be a smooth transition into the world of earrings and jewelry without too much pain.

If your piercing is new, you must wash your hands before touching it to avoid exposing your piercing to any bacteria. This applies to any piercing and is especially important if you have recently undergone a piercing or any other operation that requires your hands to be clean.

Before inserting earrings in your ear, use clean and soaked gauze to clean your ear canal. Also, use an antiseptic cleaner to sterilize all of your jewelry because any buildup around your ear can cause an infection.

Dead skin can create a nidus of germs and infection, which leads to inflammation. This can cause painful bumps and redness. Cleaning your ears regularly can reduce the number of bacteria in your ear and therefore reduce the likelihood of getting an earache.


Signs and symptoms of ear infections

If it is your first time getting your ears pierced, you may not know what the symptoms of ear infections look like. Often, ear lobe piercings heal faster than cartilage ones. The pain of an infected ear is usually worse than with a cartilage piercing.

The infection rate associated with infected ear piercings is relatively high, and the majority of cases are treated with antibiotic drops and/or bandaging. Complications are rare but can include problems such as ear lobe collapse, scarring, and infection.


How to identify an infected ear piercing

  • Pus-like yellow discharge

  • Burning and itching sensation

  • Redness and tenderness

  • Swelling


How to treat infected ear piercings?

Sometimes ear infections can be successfully treated at home. Antibiotics may be needed in serious cases where the infection is more severe. Hospitalization is rare but does happen for those with severe cartilage infections.

Caring for minor infections involves:

  • Properly wash your hand before cleaning, touching or handling the earring

  • Clean the piercing area with aftercare solution, such as saline solution or distilled water and salt three times a day

  • Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or antibiotic solutions, as they slow down the healing process and irritate the skin

  • Do not remove the earring, as it may allow the hole to close and trap infection permanently

  • Clean both sides of your ear lobe and pat to dry with a clean paper towel

Consult your doctor if:

  • You feel a fever along with the infection

  • The infection does not improve after a few days

  • The infection spreads to other parts of your body

  • The earring doe not move once you perform the 360° rotation

  • The earrings stay embedded in the skin


Prevention of ear infections

Piercing is a popular trend. Most of them are done with piercing guns rather than needles. It is also very important that you observe strict sterilization procedures when doing this.


1. Be sure to do the following in order to make sure that your pierced earrings stay in place properly.

2. Wear them in a position where there is less chance of the earring falling off or catching your clothes.

3. Make sure your earlobe stays clean, dry, and smooth.

4. Change the way that you wear your clothes so that the earring can move freely. This would prevent the earring from getting caught in clothing.

5. Don't pull your hair or rub your ears while wearing your earrings.

6. Make sure that you don't play with your earrings excessively.


Sleeping on your back with the right side of your body facing the mattress is often the best position for the healing process. The weight of your body helps support the healing and prevent any further pressure that can be harmful to the ears.


Old piercing infections

Infections in old piercings are similar to those found in new ones. Wash the jewelry with saline solution and with clean hands. If the infection is still present, seek medical attention immediately.

If ear piercings are common, then it is important that piercers have the best earrings they can purchase. Some piercers use special hypoallergenic earrings. Consult your piercer for the best hypoallergenic earrings, and where to find them.


When to remove an ear piercing?

If your ears are newly pierced, it is best to wait a few weeks before removing your earring. This is because when you pull out your earring immediately, it is possible to trap any germs under your skin and cause an infection. To prevent this, take the time to let the hole heal and close properly.

If in doubt, consult your piercer on when to remove the piercing stud and how well it is healing. Piercings like nose rings, tongue or eyebrow rings can require removing the piercing and waiting for it to heal before returning the piercing for another session.



March 04, 2022 — Erica Zheng
I Don't Like My Engagement Ring-What should I do? | Trendolla Jewelry

I Don't Like My Engagement Ring-What should I do?

I Don't Like My Engagement Ring-What should I do? 



A relationship is an ongoing process. Engagements are a special type of event that occurs in a relationship. An engagement is an important defining moment in a relationship, for a man it is mostly nerve-wracking, for a woman it is an exciting moment.

There is no guarantee that you will fall in love with your engagement ring when he finally proposes. While a happy ending seems like a sure thing, there are many things that can cause you to go through several engagements before finding a person you can happily marry.

You may think your husband has the perfect engagement ring, but it's best to be prepared for anything. Here are some ideas that can help make your upcoming wedding day more stress-free.

Engagement rings are a long-standing tradition in most cultures. In most places, the wedding rings are worn until death do them part, and the tradition is still alive today. And why do some of us hate them? Well, here we will discuss the best way to handle hating your engagement ring, as well as, common reasons for it.


If you hate wearing your engagement ring, you're not the only one. These common reasons are listed below.


An engagement ring is the first symbol of your future with your partner. It’s something you’ll have to wear for the rest of your life hence it’s important to love it.

Like wedding rings, the reality of your ring choice isn't always the same as what you thought it would be. As with weddings, you might find that the reality of your ring is just not what you thought it would be.

Given the excitement, confusion, and nervousness that men go through, especially while choosing a ring, a lot of them choose the wrong ring. In other words, they end up with rings that don’t match their expectations.

The first reason you might not be a fan of your engagement ring is that it does not go with any style. If you want to wear a wedding band and an engagement ring, it's best to keep the ring and the band separate.

There are a few common reasons you may end up hating your engagement ring. These reasons are as follows:



1. The Engagement Ring is Trashy or Cheap.

There is an old belief that an engagement ring should cost a man at least three months of his salary. In other words, if a man is not earning enough money, his husband will not be able to buy an expensive ring.

While these are only a few points on the belief spectrum, and we don't claim to be experts on all of them, we've noticed that most women don't mind engagement rings. In fact, some really like them! So, if your girl is looking for a good deal, make sure to get one that will impress her.

Furthermore, because cheap jewelry has to offer more value for less money than high-end jewelry, they tend to be of poorer quality and less visually appealing. In addition, depending on the materials used in the ring, it may tarnish quickly and lose its appeal.


2. The Ring is Out of Style.

Old, traditional engagement ring styles tend to be out of date and can be too fussy for some people. But with the growing popularity of alternative, modern engagement ring styles, many people are looking for a ring that reflects their modern, eclectic tastes.

If you're looking for a modern, trendy style, then it's difficult to accept an older ring that's passed down to you. Even if it is a special heirloom.


3. The Ring is Not Comfortable.

Aside from the design and value of the engagement ring, comfort can be one of the most important factors in choosing a ring. While we'd like to think that size doesn't matter (and it does for some, but for others, it makes a huge difference) if the ring is too big it will make your finger feel constricted. If the ring is too small it may be difficult to keep on.

Ring sizes are an important part of a wedding ceremony. However, they are not the only factor in choosing the perfect wedding ring. The other factors to consider include fit and comfort. For instance, a large-sized ring may look great on your hand, but be uncomfortable and cause blisters.

Cheap rings especially are made could be made with reactive metals or metal alloys that could react with your skin especially if you have metal sensitivity. Having arthritic fingers could also make it extremely uncomfortable wearing your engagement ring.

Whatever the reason, the discomfort brought about by the ring could easily lead you to hate it. You're probably going to hate it if it doesn't fit, but that's no reason to force it on yourself.



What Should You Do if You DNot Love Wearing Your Engagement Ring?

When the deed is done, and you’re left with an engagement ring you absolutely hate, telling your fiancée can be difficult. While the engagement ring may have been a gift from the family, it was designed by you, and you want it back.

The truth is, I don’t know. However, if you are in doubt of how to phrase something appropriately, take the time to consider the impact your choice will have on the other person. In this case, if you decide to say nothing and then feel bad because of it later, consider the fact that he probably feels a little hurt and might not ever tell you again.

The truth is, however, that you cannot carry on pretending to like something you hate for the rest of your relationship. The disappointment and irritation with the ring may end up negatively affecting the relationship otherwise.

So, if you don't like your engagement ring, there are a few things you can do to make it less of an issue: 

    • Try to buy a smaller ring. The size of the ring is really not as important as the shape.

    • Consider a solitaire ring. Many people love this style because it doesn't show a lot of diamonds, but it can be more meaningful than a center stone surrounded by smaller stones.

    • Choose a vintage-style ring that is different from your engagement ring. This will give your ring a more "grown-up" look.



1. Give it some time.

If you're afraid to bring the subject up in a way that might upset your boyfriend or girlfriend, let it go. In fact, there's a good chance your partner would actually be open to the idea if you give it some time. The length of time can be weeks to even months, depending on when you think he or she will be more receptive to the idea.


2. Think about the intention and meaning behind the ring.

What do you think of when you see a beautiful ring? Some of you may recall a special moment in your life that was accompanied by a ring or wedding band. Or maybe you know someone who is getting married. Whatever the case, there is no denying that rings and wedding bands are important symbols that hold great importance in our culture. While many people wear these items simply for fashion purposes, there are others who actually have personal reasons for choosing one over another.

You may be aware that she is really excited about her ring. Maybe you even know why. Perhaps it was hard to find and cost a pretty penny. It's fine to be excited about the ring but focus on the love and meaning behind the ring, not the ring itself.

If you were to think about the rings in terms of the relationship you have with your significant other, they are symbols of the two of you coming together to share your lives and create a family. You are united in the ring that represents the bond between you.


3. Find the right way of saying it.

You've waited long enough for this ring, so now it's time to tell him how you really feel. Start by acknowledging the effort he has put into this, and tell him that you have been thinking about the conversation since you first saw the ring. If you think he's ready to hear it, ask if he would like to talk about it privately.

This can be a tricky one! It’s not really fair to judge someone else for having a partner. As long as they're respectful and loving, it doesn't matter what the sex is. And if you don't like it then the right thing to do is respect that and not force your preferences on them. They don't have to change.



4. Either return it or exchange it.

If the ring was purchased from a jewelry store, you can return it or exchange it at no cost. If there’s no return policy, or if you decide to keep the ring, you may be able to get a refund.


5. Revamp the ring.

You can choose the options for your engagement ring that best fit your style and personality. If you want something classic and traditional, that's not a problem; you can buy a ring that has been in your family for generations or even goes for one with precious stones set into a solid-gold setting.

He might want you to preserve the family stone if it's there, so you can keep the stone and change the band's design. You could also use metal to make your wedding band as well.


6. Make sure you choose your wedding ring.

If you’re getting married, you should plan ahead by choosing the ring that will make up for your terrible engagement ring.

If you find the perfect ring to wear with your engagement ring, you can always choose to save the ring itself to give to your husband one day, while wearing it yourself.




The truth is you can’t fault your fiancé for choosing the ring that’s in your budget. He may have thought of a beautiful ring for you, but it’s really the one you’re able to afford.

The engagement ring is just a symbol, but it is also a piece of jewelry that represents love. You are going to spend the rest of your life with this person, so make sure that you are wearing your heart on your sleeve as you walk down the aisle.


February 25, 2022 — Erica Zheng
Is Hand Sanitizer Bad For Your Rings? | Trendolla Jewelry

Is Hand Sanitizer Bad For Your Rings?

Is Hand Sanitizer Bad For Your Rings?



We are now using hand sanitizers more than anyone ever thought possible because of the world pandemic. But there is a side effect to this. This is the fact that it is wiping off jewelry that is exposed. That means that when you wash your hands with antibacterial soap and then wipe them dry with a paper towel, they might leave your jewelry feeling oily.

Hand sanitizers contain a lot of alcohol, which is not safe for your jewelry. Especially since you would never want to wear jewelry made with gemstones while you're in public!

Hand sanitizer is a personal hygiene item that is becoming increasingly popular. People use it to cleanse their hands before eating and even to clean their jewelry. However, many are concerned about its impact on their diamond rings.


 Is hand sanitizer bad for your diamond rings? 

If you use your hand sanitizer with your engagement ring on, you may not notice any changes or damage to the ring immediately, but the gems and diamonds may lose their luster over time due to the residue left by the hand sanitizer.

The dulling isn’t permanent, and the diamond’s original shine would be restored eventually. 

If your engagement ring is made of white gold, you can relax knowing that the sanitizer is safe to use and will not leave behind any harmful residues. The only thing you might lose is the shine and brilliance of your ring.

Rings can get dirty and can easily lose their shine. This is why it is important to take extra care when wearing jewelry or using any type of hand sanitizer. You should be sure to clean your hands before touching the ring or removing it from your fingers so that you do not transfer anything to the surface.

To prevent ruining your diamond ring, use a paper towel to dry your hands. Don't put them on the metal, though. That's not a good idea! Also, don't spray it directly at the ring. The liquid may come off and could get into the metal.

This can be a tedious job, but it’s definitely better than cleaning everything by hand.


Is hand sanitizer bad for your yellow or rose gold rings

You probably won't notice a difference in the health benefits of the two types of hand sanitizers, but there can be a difference in their effects on the jewelry. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers generally don't harm the metal components of a ring or bracelet, but chlorine-based ones can tarnish and damage them.

If you have a yellow gold ring, you will be happy to know that yellow gold is the least susceptible to any form of damage from the alcohol-based hand sanitizer. This means that your yellow gold ring won't get tarnished and that you don't have to worry about it when you use it. However, rose gold rings are susceptible to hand sanitizers regardless of the type of metal used in the ring.

When making a commitment to the ring, make sure to ask the jeweler to do their research on your gemstone choice to make sure that it will be the right fit for your ring.


 Is hand sanitizer bad for your platinum rings?

Platinum is one of the strongest, most fairy-safe metals in jewelry making. If your engagement or wedding ring is made of platinum, you won't have to worry about your ring being damaged by alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Platinum is a precious metal that resists corrosion and oxidation. Platinum also does not react with most chemicals which means that your ring will remain to look fresh for years to come. While it is true that it is recommended to avoid exposing your platinum ring to regular hand sanitizer, the occasional exposure is likely to be harmless and can help reduce the buildup of an outer layer of skin which could cause a dulling of the stone.


 Is hand sanitizer bad for your silver rings? 

If your ring is made of sterling silver, it would be extremely difficult to be completely sure of the safety of your hands when sanitizing them. While you may try your best, it is possible that you could actually tarnish your ring due to the amount of time you spend using the hand sanitizer.

Chlorine, bleach, and other household chemicals like ammonia or Lysol may ruin your sterling silver jewelry. However, there is a solution. You can simply remove the tarnish before applying a new coating.


What to do if your rings get sanitizer?

Even though you need your hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean on the go, the potential damage caused by sanitizers doesn't just affect your hands. It also harms your rings and other jewelry. The biggest issue with the hand sanitizer has to do with the alcohol used to kill germs.

Although it is an effective germ killer, alcohol is quite corrosive, and it will slowly erode the metal finishes on your engagement ring.

Diamonds are some of the most valuable and most valuable gemstones. However, they are also quite sensitive. One thing to be aware of is that exposure to water and other cleaning products can lead to damage or even permanent damage to your diamond engagement ring.

Besides the effects on the metal finishes, the erosion of the finishes will expose the prongs, meaning that the stones might loosen over time, forcing you to incur high costs in repairing the ring.

If your ring was designed with materials that are exposed to chemicals such as cleaning products, you may want to examine whether it can be repaired or replaced.

Call in a professional to clean your precious ring. Most reputable jewelers offer reliable, professional cleaning services, and the service may be free if you purchased the ring from the store.

If you cannot take it to the jeweler, soak it in a bowl of warm, soapy water. Then gently use a soft-bristled brush to remove some of the dirt. This will help restore the shine to your ring.

Wrap your jewelry gently with a soft, microfiber/lint-free cloth. You’ll get much better results that way!



With the outbreak of coronavirus, concerns about the spread of this new virus have increased the popularity of hand sanitizers. While some people choose to avoid touching their rings, they should instead take appropriate measures to make sure the virus stays away. If you have a ring, make sure you keep it on you and wear it properly!

We recommend removing the sanitizer before each use to avoid damaging the ring; however, this is impractical and it is better to clean the ring between uses.


February 22, 2022 — Erica Zheng
How To Keep Earring From Sinking Into Ear? | Trendolla Jewelry

How To Keep Earring From Sinking Into Ear?

How To Keep Earring From Sinking Into Ear?




Earrings are one of the most popular forms of jewelry for both women and men. They come in a wide array of styles and are usually easily accessorized with other pieces, but they also come with some disadvantages.

Aside from the risks of earring loss, there are a variety of problems that may arise, including infection, skin irritation, and earring movement. You'll want to be prepared if you have any type of problem.

It can be scary and also embarrassing if you don't know how or why it is happening. In this article, we will discuss what sinking earrings is, why it happens, and what you can do about them.


What Does It Mean When Your Earring Sinks Into Your Ear?

This is something that is so easy to do! It's as if the earring is disappearing and the skin is lifting up over it. You are not alone. Many people do not see it in their own photos, and they end up with an earring that doesn't look quite right.

One minute the earring may be visible but gradually, you notice that it is disappearing into the skin.

A common complication of piercing jewelry is the development of infection. This usually manifests itself as redness and swelling around the piercing site. If the redness and swelling do not resolve after several days, you should seek medical attention.

It is important to be careful with the piercings you get. There is a lot of information to consider and that’s why it’s best to do your research before getting a piercing. Most of the time the piercing can be done by an expert. There are things that can be done to help stop earrings from sinking, but most of the time it won’t matter.

That's not going to happen. Let's just stick with what we've been doing.

Why does Your Earring Sink Into Ear?

Various reasons may explain why your earrings would sink into your ear. As we mentioned before it is something that is experienced mostly with new piercings.

There are many reasons why you might have earring earrings sink into your ear. Perhaps they are made from material that is not meant to hold on to jewelry at all. It may be because of a piercing that is done badly. It could be that they are too big for your ears.

Getting piercings can be tricky, but the best thing to do is to get it done by a professional. The reason why is that the earring is too tight. It could be pressing hard against the surrounding skin which lifts to look like it’s covering up the earring. This could cause you pain and even lead to problems.

This can happen if you used a piercing gun to pierce your ears or if you tightened the backing of the earring too much. Another reason is that your earring post may be too short, which may contribute to why the earrings are too tight.

Piercing guns come with a needle that pierces the tissue, usually flesh. The body will eventually heal it back to its original state, but the scar will remain.

Another reason why you may be experiencing discomfort around your ears after piercing is that it’s possible you have metal allergies. It could also be that the earring is made of metal with nickel or lead traces.

The redness around a piercing will usually disappear within 24 hours. If the swelling appears to swallow the piercing, this might indicate that there is pus present in the piercing.


How To Keep Earring From Sinking Into Ear?

Sinking earrings can be a pain, but as we said, they are not as bad as it sounds. There are some things you can do instead of panicking. The following are some useful things you can do:



Loosen the earrings.

Tight earrings can be a common problem. Earrings can become so tight that they pinch or cause discomfort. If the problem is due to tightening of the earring rather than losing the earring, then it might help to loosen the earring. Try holding it in your hand, and if it feels tight then place the tip of the earring between your finger and thumb to gently stretch and release. You can also try to put your fingers into the earring to remove any excess glue.



Switch earrings.

Sometimes, the problem lies not with the earrings themselves but the earring holder or earring itself. Take the earrings out and inspect them carefully for any problems before putting them back in your ear. Try to determine what the issue could be, and if possible, work around it.



Use hypoallergenic earrings.

If you’re afraid that certain metals like nickel and lead will affect your health, look into the possibility of making your own jewelry. Other metals like sterling silver are a safe bet if you need something long-lasting, as these metals tend to hold up better over time. Silicone jewelry is often a popular alternative due to the fact that they are hypoallergenic.

That way you can be sure that you won't have an allergic reaction to the product.



Keep the piercing clean.

It is very important that we make sure our piercings are kept clean and hygienic so we don't end up with an infection. When we first get our piercings done, it is usually a very delicate time. We want our piercings to look great, but they need to be taken care of as well.

You should regularly clean and care for your piercings. You should also consult with a professional before you choose to alter your piercings to make them look better.

Not just your piercing, but your jewelry too. This will help you avoid any infections. Use mild soap and water to clean it, and a disinfectant to kill the germs.



Seek professional help.

Anything left unattended could be dangerous. That is why you shouldn't take this lightly. If you've tried everything in the above list and they haven't helped, it's time to reach out to a professional to get your ears pierced. Don't put yourself at risk if you don't have the best earring removal method. You could go back to the piercing shop and they could help you remove it, and if it's too far in, they can also get it out.

You should also make sure to change your jewelry at least every 3 months to ensure that it is still in good condition. If you notice a little bit of pus coming out of the piercing then that is not a sign of infection and you do not need to worry.

They will advise you on the best way to clean your piercing and give you advice on how to look after it. It is possible to do so by washing the piercing with plain water and soap, and avoiding scratching or pulling it.



When getting new piercings, professional piercers often give you proper care tips that you need to follow religiously. At least that way you won’t have to deal with issues like your earrings sinking. But even for old piercings, you still need to take care.

It is always important to clean the piercing and jewelry often, as well as do so before wearing them for the first time. If the jewelry is not cleaned and disinfected adequately, you could get an infection or even a foreign body inside the ear lobe.


February 18, 2022 — Erica Zheng
How Many Pieces Of Jewelry Should You Own? | Trendolla Jewelry

How Many Pieces Of Jewelry Should You Own?

How Many Pieces Of Jewelry Should You Own?


How many pieces of jewelry should you own? If you want to wear a great deal of jewelry then go right ahead. If you have too much on already, then that’s an indicator that you are either spending too much money or have other issues to work through first.

Whether you have a little too much or a lot of jewelry, whether you like it or not, it's something you need to take into account.

There are some things that just don't add up. Like jewelry. While we love how it adds sparkle, it can get a little overwhelming if you're wearing too many pieces. 


What is Considered Excessive Jewelry?

Wearing jewelry is great fun, but there is a limit to the number of pieces that you can wear. In fact, you may be overdressing if you have multiple jewelry items on top of each other. Wearing the same jewelry item multiple times on a daily basis is generally a bad idea. You should try to use different styles or colors of jewelry rather than just stacking them up.

The key to wearing less jewelry is to find jewelry that goes with your style and personality. If you are wearing a statement piece in one hand and nothing in the other, you are wearing more jewelry than is appropriate. In fact, it may even be said that you are wearing too much jewelry.

For men, you are safe with one watch. That's a good place to start in terms of wearing accessories. It gives you an opportunity to be unique in a sea of others wearing multiple watches. You can wear one, two, or even more but only one in a single outfit.

This is true. Depending on the type of jewelry, certain types of styles may work better for some people than others. This also includes other accessories, such as watches, rings, and bracelets.


How Much Jewelry Does the Average Woman Own?

A survey shows that the average woman owns jewelry worth over $7000. While some of these women call the large number of jewelry they own collections, for others, owning that much jewelry is hoarding, with other women seeing this as a waste of money. As a result of a large number of jewelry owned, most women have numerous jewelry boxes in their homes, but they can’t always tell what’s in the boxes, even as they keep shopping for more jewelry.

The interesting bit is that most of the time, women with a lot of jewelry find themselves with too many cheap pieces that do not last a long time, yet they cannot get rid of or ever let them go. Most of the time, a woman will have tens of earrings, with specific sets, each for a specific outfit.

You can start building your own jewelry collection by choosing the right jewelry to buy. You can avoid having too much jewelry that you might never wear by choosing the right pieces to buy.  

Every woman needs a gold chain, a zircon bracelet, stacking rings, a cocktail ring, a bangle, stud earrings, hoop earrings, and a chain bracelet. It's important to have one or a few pairs of each of these items to be worn at different times because it is the foundation of a woman's complete jewelry collection.  


How Many Pieces of Jewelry Should You Wear at Once?

You should avoid wearing too many pieces of jewelry at the same time. The occasion is the most important factor that tells you how many pieces of jewelry to wear.  

When you’re looking for the perfect piece to complete your outfit, there are some things you need to keep in mind. You need to make sure that the jewelry you’re wearing is appropriate for the occasion and the time of day, but you also need to make sure that you’re wearing the right jewelry for the right person.  

The jewelry you choose to accessorize your outfit should be a complement to your look, not the focus of attention.  

Less is more, but you need to know when you can go big. Here are some guidelines for when you can go big.  

Daily Jewelry

If you want jewelry that can be worn casually, but also can be dressed up or dressed down, then you want to look at jewelry that is elegant, yet simple.  

Office Wearing

For a more conservative office, you can wear earrings that complement your outfit. For a more creative office environment, you can wear large hoops. You can avoid jewelry that is too sparkly or noisy stacked bracelets. And if you are not sure about what to wear to the office, don't wear too many pieces. Balance is key.  

Formal Events 

You get to show off your elegance at formal events. Throw in some sparkle and any jewelry that emphasizes your best features. Go all out with stunning diamond or crystal earrings to show off your jawline or cheekbones, or even a statement necklace to draw attention to your face. You’re safe with pearls, diamonds, one statement piece, and other elegant pieces. But don’t overdo it. Remember that you need to wear the right jewelry, and though you get to go all out, you shouldn’t overwhelm your appearance.  

Party Jewelry

Here, you can mix metals, wear a ring(s) on any finger, mix gemstones with the faux stones, and you can wear the biggest hoops or go big on layered pieces.  


How Many Bracelets are Too Many?

For many, there is no upper limit on the number of bracelets that you can wear on your arms. At the same time, some people get so wrapped up in their collection that they forget that the number of bracelets they're wearing does make them less confident and more self-conscious.

You get to wear as many or as few bracelets as you like, and you can mix the materials, sizes, and textures, but at the end of the day, you need to feel confident with what you have on. Your outfit plays a big role too. If you are unsure, start small, and add pieces as you grow more confident with having more bracelets.


When it comes to jewelry, you want to strike a balance between too many and not enough. You want to make sure you can easily get it on and off, while also making sure it looks good, feels good, and is comfortable.

February 16, 2022 — Erica Zheng
What Kind of Rings Look Best On Short Fat Fingers? | Trendolla Jewelry

What Kind of Rings Look Best On Short Fat Fingers?

What Rings Look Best On Short Fat Fingers?


You may be wondering what rings look best on your fat fingers. You might be wondering what rings you can buy that look good on your chubby fingers. The answer is simple: find rings that are designed for your fat fingers. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ring designs that work best for short, fat fingers.

If you have small or short fingers, you will be able to find rings that will suit you. However, the ring with pear, marquise, or oval-cut stones will help create an illusion of slender and long fingers. Just make sure that the metal band is also narrow in width.

It is also important to keep in mind that when you are looking for the perfect ring for your fingers, you must consider the width and the length of your ring finger, and the overall size of your hand, against the style and the width of the ring, as well as the size and the shape of the ring’s center stone. You also need to consider your fingernail’s typical shape and length, which is an important factor because having longer nails will naturally lengthen your fingers, making them look even thinner, while short nails make the fingers look shorter and fatter. Your nails are one of the most important parts of your hands, and they are often the first thing people notice when they look at your hands. That is why it is important to take the time to ensure that they are in the best shape possible.

The type of ring that will work best for you depends on your personal style, lifestyle, and finger size.

Rings for short fingers

A ring that is too large for your finger will make your finger look shorter than it is. If you have a small finger, look for rings that will elongate it.

In addition to these shapes, you can also get trapezoid, rectangular, and even round stones.

Rectangular and emerald-shaped rings are ideal for short fingers because they will lengthen the effect. But avoid rings with very big emerald-shaped stones because they could only end up creating an overwhelming effect on your fingers.

Rings for wide fingers

Want to find the perfect ring for your finger? Try to imagine your finger as a canvas – the extra width gives you more room for fun, and you can try out different ring styles, from the classic to funky, statement ring designs.

When selecting your ring stones, avoid using narrow or marquise-shaped stones because they will make your fingers look wider. Choose stones with rounded edges, as opposed to sharp or pointy edges.

There are different options available for rings such as the cluster stone rings or the rings with round stones set in large settings. The size of the band also varies from medium to thick.

Your next ring style is the cluster ring, with round or oval-shaped stones. The size is the most important factor. Your next option looks like asymmetrical designs and angular shapes. These designs/shapes minimize your finger’s width.

Rings for big knuckles

Rings that make your knuckles look smaller are perfect for people with short, wide fingers that only look wider because of their big knuckles. Choose the heavier, thicker ring bands because these are designed to automatically draw attention to your ring, rather than the size of your knuckles.


How to make rings look good on fat fingers

Rings with larger settings can make your fingers look thinner, and if you're trying to hide your fat fingers, you should think about rings with wider settings. Avoid rings with smaller settings because they make your fingers look wider than they really are.

To make your fingers look nice, you might want to choose the rings with thin bands for them to look like a slender band.

The halo ring is one of the most popular ring designs, and it is a good option for you if you have short, fat, or wider fingers.

Halo rings are an ideal gift for brides, grooms, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. You can choose from many designs, including the single, double (top and floating double halo designs, and also there are custom, geometric, and vintage double halo ring settings), triple, and hidden halo ring settings.

Ring Shopping Tips for fat Chubby Fingers

  • Choose a ring with a wider setting. These will show less skin on either side of the ring, hence the illusion of more slender fingers.

  • Choose rings with bands that are a little thicker rather than the thin bands. Avoid rings with extra thick bands because these will only emphasize your fingers’ chubbiness and their extra width.

  • Avoid the rings with square designs or the gemstone cuts because these will further emphasize your fingers.

  • Choose a ring with a wider setting. These will show less skin on either side of the ring, hence the illusion of more slender fingers.

  • Choose rings with bands that are a little thicker rather than the thin bands.

  • Avoid rings with extra thick bands because these will only emphasize your fingers’ chubbiness and their extra width. 


Chubby fingers don’t have to be a permanent condition, though. These are some tips on how to make your chubby fingers look slimmer and longer. Remember that the tips we’ve shared above are some of the best tips to ensure that you have the perfect rings for your short, fat fingers. Just remember that small stones and extra thin bands will make create an illusion of extra wideness/ chubbiness, and you must avoid these ring styles at all costs.

February 11, 2022 — Erica Zheng
What Jewelry to Wear with Sequin Dress? | Trendolla Jewelry

What Jewelry to Wear with Sequin Dress?

What Jewelry to Wear with Sequin Dress?

In a sequin dress, you want to look classy, but you don’t want to be overdressed. Dresses with sequins can be totally classy when styled right, but you have to keep in mind that you need to match your accessories to your dress. Start small, and remember that sometimes the best things do come in small packages.

Sequins can be a great way to add a splash of color to your outfit. They can also be used to show off a statement necklace or earrings.

The classic zircon earrings are a beautiful choice for accessorizing dresses with sequins. Whether you’re looking for a statement pair of earrings or a set of statement earrings, Zircon is the way to go. They can make a dress stand out or a party outfit look a little more fun.


When you’re shopping for jewelry for your sequin dress, keep it simple. The trick is to find the right metal for your dress and to pick an earring that complements the sparkle of your dress without adding too much bling. Look for silver or gold pendant earrings without stones, or even metal hoops that are plain and elegant.


For those who like to stand out in a crowd, drop earrings are the way to go. They are a classy alternative to hoops, which have a retro appeal. Dresses with sequins already gleam, so stick to earrings with just one or a few dangling bands of jewels.

What Necklace Should I Wear with My Sequin Dress?

It’s true that the necklace you wear with a sequin dress shouldn’t be too heavy. But you also don’t want to wear a simple choker or a single strand of pearls. You should select a necklace that complements the dress and adds a little flair.

For a strapless sequin dress, necklaces are generally not a good idea because they might end up adding bulk and not giving the dress enough support. However, if you’re going strapless, you might want to consider a statement necklace that can act as a sort of anchor to keep the dress in place. The length of a necklace should depend on your dress and your neckline. Short necklaces are essential for V-neckline and straight necklines, and you can wear them with everything from a sequin dress to a cocktail dress.

Sequin dresses are just like any other dress except for the addition of sequins.

Like other accessories for sequin dresses, you should also consider what type of sleeve your dress has.

The key to choosing the right bracelet is knowing what you want to wear with your outfit. If you are wearing a long-sleeve party dress, then you should not wear a bracelet because the wrist will already be covered. You can wear a bracelet if you are wearing a short-sleeve dress.

You can add a wristband to your sequin dress or your sleeveless dress. Sequins, small bangle, charm, cuff, or link bracelets will complement the dress.

Sequins are all about the bling, and with some simple accessories, you can turn any sequin dress into a fun, playful look. However, if you can’t find something you like, you don’t need to wear anything at all with your sequin dress.

February 10, 2022 — Erica Zheng
How to Find a Unique Bracelet? | Trendolla Jewelry

How to Find a Unique Bracelet?

When it comes to fine jewelry, bracelets always make great gifts. Bracelets make a statement about the wearer. That's why the right choice is so important—whether you're looking to wear something stylish or a statement piece, the right bracelet can go with anything. From fashion to function, we’ve compiled our favorite picks from every style. Whether it’s a simple chain or a colorful gemstone, the choice is yours.

No matter what, you won’t go wrong with a beautiful bracelet. The best part about a bracelet is that you can enjoy it in a completely different way than necklaces or earrings. You can always see a bracelet you’re wearing a lot more easily than other jewelry.

Bracelets are a great accessory to wear everyday. They come in many different styles, materials, and sizes that must be considered when making your purchase.

With over 20 different options and styles, it can be a bit overwhelming when deciding what kind of style is best suited for you. There are many different types of bracelets, from the more classic metal, to leather, to stainless steel and more. In addition to that, there are all kinds of colors, patterns and designs to choose from. So if you're looking for a unique way to wear your favorite bracelet, these options are great.



Bangle bracelets are ring-shaped and usually just slide over the wrist to wear. They are made of metal and are either solid or hollow and can often feature a hinge that allows the wearer to easily put it on their wrist.






Gemstone bracelets are a great way to show your personal style. They are versatile, customizable, and stackable, making them a great choice for a casual look. Gemstone bracelets are made of different materials, including gemstones, glass, and wood.




These bracelets are generally made of metal links that are connected together to form a chain. You can select from different types of chain, thicknesses, and materials to create a unique look.


Costumes jewelry is inexpensive jewelry. The cheaper the material used for making it, the less expensive it is. Fashion jewelry can be inexpensive because the materials are usually lower-quality. They break easily and may not look as good in the end. They dull over time and don't hold their value as well as fine jewelry.

Fine jewelry, however, can be remounted into another piece if it needs to be replaced. A bracelet is one of the easiest ways to accessorize your outfit. If you’re on the lookout for a special gift for a loved one, a beautiful bracelet might make for an excellent present. You can also use a bracelet to accessorize outfits by adding color or a pattern.

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Which Type of Engagement Rings Suitable for Every Personality? | Trendolla Jewelry

Which Type of Engagement Rings Suitable for Every Personality?

One of the most important jewelry decisions you’ll ever make is choosing an engagement ring. Not only does it represent the biggest commitment most of us make, but it’s also the one piece of jewelry that doesn’t come off. You look at it every day and everything else you put on have to work with it. That sparkle on the left hand should reflect more than just light. It should reflect the bride’s taste and principles.

If fair trade and ethical practices are important, for example, it’s worth buying from a source that guarantees ethically-mined diamonds. If quality craftsmanship, originality, and value for money matter, your ring should be handmade by a reputable jeweler who specializes in ethically sourced diamonds, preferably close to home. Last but never least, your ring should be an extension of your personal style and a constant source of pleasure. 

Engagement is the one time in life when you feel like you should splurge a little more, so what better way to show your partner how much you care than by getting them an engagement ring? While engagement rings aren't for everyone, there are definitely some styles that work well with any type of relationship. In this article, we'll tell you seven of the best engagement ring styles to choose from when picking out your perfect ring.

Zircon Ring

While diamonds are often considered a girl’s best friend, they are also a great engagement ring option for guys. Cubic zirconia is an affordable alternative to traditional diamond or gemstone engagement rings. The sparkle and shine of a cubic zirconia stone mimic that of a diamond, and to the untrained eye, it looks incredibly similar. These qualities make cubic zirconia a popular choice for couples who are on a budget but love the classic look of a colorless, dazzling diamond.

Stacking Ring

A ring stack is any collection of rings that sit or nest together. This could include an engagement ring, wedding band, and possibly other additional rings. The wearer can add or switch rings to express their personal style, or to mark a special occasion. Experimenting with different metals and stones is fun. Try it!


Birthstone Ring

Want to select a unique engagement ring as you prepare to propose? Birthstones are a simple, easy way to personalize the engagement ring you choose for the one you love. Opting for a birthstone engagement ring shows the thought that went into the ring selection. Also, unless your significant other’s birthday was in April, which features a diamond as its birthstone, it will help you easily go beyond the diamond tradition.

Contemporary Ring

Our engagement rings are unique, modern and inspiring. From simple set stones in delicate bands to our uniquely textured designs set with clusters of salt and pepper diamonds, the possibilities are endless.

People are continually searching for ways to do things differently. People are looking to add another layer to the traditional wedding band, putting some extra love and meaning behind it.

Band Ring

It's hard not to imagine a pretty diamond nestled on a gorgeous band, right? There's similarly a misconception that when you're on the receiving end of such an engagement ring, the bigger the better. Well, that's simply not the case for every woman. Shocker! Instead of a flashy sparkler, some women would prefer an elegant band. And while certainly more understated than a beautifully set diamond or gemstone, some are just as if not blingier than their traditional engagement ring counterparts. Eternity baguettes, anyone? What's a better way to symbolize forever than with an eternity ring?

Jeweled Ring

If you are getting engaged, then you should be very happy about it. This is a great occasion to show how much you love the person you are getting married to. You can get a beautiful, jeweled engagement ring. It is the perfect way to express your love for your partner. However, it's important that you choose a ring that is really special to you. You can do that by looking at the diamond and other gems in the ring. The stones in the ring should be as unique and original as you are.

January 07, 2022 — Erica Zheng
Which Earrings are Best for Sensitive Ears? | Trendolla Jewelry

Which Earrings are Best for Sensitive Ears?

Most women love earrings. They go great with everything from jeans to a suit to a bathing suit. But we all have sensitive ears. When it comes to wearing earrings, you can’t afford to choose just any pair—you need to find the right ones.
What kind should you get if you want to wear something that’s guaranteed to turn heads? Whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else, there are certain types of earrings that have an almost universal “Wow!” factor. We’ve put together a shortlist of the five most universally admired earring styles… and why… they’re perfect for practically everyone.

1. Which Earrings Are Best for Sensitive Ears?

As a general rule, all earrings that are attached to the ear with a post will hurt a person with sensitive ears. These types of earrings always pull and tug on the post. They also rub against the lobe of the ear. The best type of earrings to wear are those that are made with smooth, round, tapered ends. You should never wear pointed or sharp-looking earrings.


2. How to Choose  Earrings?

To wear earrings is a very personal choice. You should choose a pair of earrings that you really like and that suit you. You should also choose earrings that are appropriate for your age. If you are a teenager, you should wear a pair of studs. You can wear studs in your nose, your cheeks, or even your eyebrows. If you are in college, you can choose from various types of studs such as cubic zirconia or even Swarovski. If you are a mother, you can choose to wear a pair of delicate, light-weight hoop earrings. You can choose a pair of dangly earrings, if you like. It's a matter of preference. There are so many choices available. What you wear depends on your preferences. You should choose earrings that suit you, because it can make you feel confident.


3. Why is it Important to Wear the Right Earring?

For many women, it is a great fashion statement. Women love wearing earrings. There are a lot of earring types that we can wear. They range from simple to unique and are different in shapes and sizes. For women who want to look stylish, they should keep in mind that they need to wear the right earrings. 

The right earring can be used to communicate your personality and interests. When people see a person wearing earrings, they have a tendency to think that they are looking at a person who has a good taste and fashion sense. The truth of the matter is that if a person is wearing an earring that isn’t appropriate for their outfit, they are going to look very odd and off-putting. 


4. How to Choose the Correct Earring Size

There are many different types of earrings that women can wear. Some of them are very large, and some are very small. Some are studded with diamonds, and some are just simple. The question is how do you choose the correct size? First, you have to know how your earlobe looks. It has to be the right size for your ear. You should measure your earlobe from the top to the bottom to see what size it is. If it is too big, you should go down and look for a smaller size. This will give your earrings a more natural look. Another thing to consider is the length of your ear. You can either choose long or short earrings. If you want to choose short earrings, look for earrings that are half the size of your ear.


5. How to Care for Your Earrings

If you wear earrings often, you should learn how to properly take care of them. Wearing earrings every day will cause them to get rusty. If you put them in water, they will dissolve. So, what you should do is to take them out of the container and put them on a soft cloth. Then, rub the earrings back and forth over the cloth a few times. Next, wipe the earrings off on a new, clean piece of cloth. Do this until all of the earring metal has been removed from the cloth. Now, put the earrings in a container with some rubbing alcohol. Allow the earrings to sit in the alcohol for at least 30 minutes. After that, remove the earrings from the alcohol and allow them to air dry. Don't put the earrings in direct sunlight or they may get too hot and melt. When they are dry, put them in a safe place where they won't be accidentally knocked around. This may cause them to break or become tangled. If that happens, your earrings will be lost and you'll have to buy another pair. That's why it is important to learn how to take care of your earrings.


6. Other Ways to Wear Sensitive Earrings

Many people like wearing earrings. They are a great way to dress up your appearance. But, if you are not careful, some earrings can be very painful to wear. One way to avoid this is to wear them for a short period of time and then take them off. Another way is to gently file down the pointed ends of the earring so they will no longer dig into your ears. Yet another way is to use a pair of needle-nose pliers to bend the earring ends if they are too sharp. And, the best way to wear earrings if you are going to be doing something that requires a lot of focus is to wear a pair with a strong backing. This will keep the earring from being a distraction. Some people like to use a drop of glue to attach a paper clip or key chain to the backing of their earrings as an additional safety feature. These people also like to wear their earrings with a strong backing when doing something that requires a lot of concentration. It keeps the earring from being a distraction.


Your ears are very sensitive and you are exposed to a lot of stuff. For this reason, you should be careful when you are wearing earrings. You need to make sure that the earrings you wear won't hurt your ears. You don't have to be scared to wear earrings. The best way to wear earrings is by putting them on one at a time. Don't wear both of them at the same time. It can be confusing to your brain and you might end up having an accident. Try wearing earrings in a different way. Put them in your lobes so that your ear lobe hangs down. You can also put them on the sides of your ears.

When you go shopping for earrings, you probably don’t think about how delicate your ears are. You’re more concerned with what you want the earrings to look like, how they feel on your ears, and whether or not you like the color or design of them. But when you’re purchasing earrings, you’re not just buying a pair of earrings. You’re buying a piece of jewelry that will be worn on a daily basis, and over time, it can cause damage to your ears. The most important thing to keep in mind is to only purchase earrings that are made of quality materials, and don’t wear them for long periods of time.

Why do I tell you this? Simply because many women with sensitive ears put earrings through their ears all the time and don't even realize it. Earrings that have posted in them are almost a "given" when you are buying earrings for a woman. That's the way most earrings are sold, and most people just assume that earrings with posts in them will be comfortable to wear.

Well, they are not. Not for a person with sensitive ears. If you want to find out if a certain pair of earrings will be comfortable for you or not, simply try one pair on and then remove them. If the ends of the earrings are still sticking in your ears after you take them off, it will be a dead give.
December 27, 2021 — Erica Zheng
What are the Best New Year Jewelry Gifts for Yourself? | Trendolla Jewelry

What are the Best New Year Jewelry Gifts for Yourself?


After a season of giving to others, we deserve a little something for ourselves, too.
A New Year brings a fresh start and a clean slate. It’s a time to make new resolutions, plan out goals, and think about the future. There are a lot of things that can be done to make yourself feel happy this year. You can also get a lot of new things in your life. We all want to have some sort of a successful and pleasant year, so I will give you some tips for the best new year gifts.

These jewelry gifts are some of the hottest gift options at any time of year, and they're no different on New Year's. Jewelry gifts are among the most coveted, most desirable, and most fun gifts to give. If you need a gift idea to spark the holiday spirit in someone special, check out our New Year's jewelry ideas below.

Angel Pendant Necklace


Angel necklace is a very attractive piece of jewelry. They are also used for special occasions, such as weddings. People wear these necklaces during the wedding as a symbol of their love. They believe that if they get married, they can guarantee that nothing bad will happen to them. They also wear them to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, and other special occasions. 


Knot Ring

A knot ring is a great way to add beauty to your fingers. When you choose a knot ring, make sure that you get a nice-looking one. The best thing to do is to choose a colored knot ring so that you can have a unique and stylish look. It's fun to try out the different ones to see which one you like the best. You will definitely be happy with the result.


Evil Eye Earrings

Evil eye earrings can be found in many shops. They are usually made of brass, silver, gold, or other metals. These earrings are usually expensive because they are made with special materials. People often wear them as a fashion statement. In fact, some people believe that wearing them can keep them safe from evil spirits. 


Arrow Bracelets

Some people believe that wearing an arrow bracelet will help them to find their true love. There is some truth to that belief. Wearing an arrow bracelet will attract your lover to you. It will make him or her notice you. This is especially true if you are a shy person and need a little extra help to get your courage up. If you are interested in trying this, I suggest that you first buy some arrow bracelets. 


Heart-shaped Ring

One of the most common forms of jewelry is the heart ring. It is worn as a symbol of love and commitment. It is also a sign of friendship and affection. It is a very popular form of jewelry that is very easy to wear and is good to express your feelings for someone. You can get heart-shaped rings, heart pendants, and heart necklaces. These kinds of rings have been in existence for many years. They have a history that goes back to the ancient times when people used to wear these types of rings to signify their feelings. 


Hollow flowers Necklace

Necklaces are a great way to enhance the beauty of your neck. They add some color to your face and make you look even more attractive. You can also use them as a form of self-expression. Some people prefer necklaces that have beads in them, while others like the ones that don't have any beads. 


In conclusion, it’s always important to find the right balance between giving and receiving. It’s fine to treat friends and families, but you don’t have to overdo it. You should spend money on things that matter to you and make you feel better about yourself, rather than things that only make you happy because someone else is buying them for you. The most important things in life are the ones you invest your own money and time into.

December 23, 2021 — Erica Zheng