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___ Vieira Caroline Story

It wasn't about the choice,

but about how I felt when I put on the earrings and necklace that night.

The feeling of lightness,

together with the brightness,

made me feel enlightened and seen by everyone.



The Devil's Eye?

Are you sure?

It looks so light, so full of life, without any malice..

And a choice that I consider perfect for a walk in the mall

or just a simple walk.

It's a jewel that contains a certain simplicity,

but also makes you powerful.


That bracelet is so gorgeous.

He was my choice when I had my parents' 20th wedding anniversary.

It was stunning,

he combination of the red slit dress

and the bracelet was stunning.




Oh, do you want to be amazed?

Try putting on a ring like that and your best perfume.

That's how I conquered my husband,

in a club, it was love at first sight,

for me and for the ring, of course.

It was the easiest choice,

the ring leaves you speechless.


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